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Puah in the Hundred Acre Woods

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There is nothing I could write here that wouldn't change tomorrow. and so to protect my fluidity, I avoid the challenge.
acorns, adobe, alanis morrisette, alizarin crimson, aron ralston, art, atlantic ocean, attachment parenting, autumn leaves, avocados, baking bread, bash bish falls, batik, beekeeping, being held, bellydancing, bob dylan, bob marley, c.s. lewis, cabins, celtic knots, cherokee nation, childish wishes, cilantro, clawfoot bathtubs, clouds, cobalt blue, college radio stations, comparative theosophy, crimson weeds, digging in the dirt, dirt roads, down comforters, earthships, ecology, einstein, erich fromm, ethics, evergreens, eyebrows, filmmakers, forks in the road, freedom, frost on trees, fruit trees, fuzzy sweaters, grateful dead, green river, h.g. wells, hammocks, hildegard von bingen, homemade applesauce, homemade cookies, horses, humility, ima robot, iron and wine, isaac brock, john crowley, john mayer trio, kali, kelpies, krsna, lama foundation, living simply, liz phair, llamas, logs in a pile, loving steven, maine, mars black, mathematical theory, michael stipe, midwifery, misty mornings, modest mouse, moonlight, mountain streams, mountains, mud, music, my son, myth, mythology, neutral milk hotel, new mexico, notwist, oak trees, oil paint, orwell, painting, patchwork dresses, perfect toast, phish, positive parenting, red grapes, red pickup trucks, sand, sea creatures, seaweed, seeds, shiva, simon's rock college, sivananda yoga, snow, snowshoeing, songwriters, spirals, starry skies, straw brooms, straw-bale houses, sunflowers, titanium white, treehouses, trees, ultimate frisbee, untitlednashville, ursula le guin, waterfalls, winter, women's health, wood-burning cookstoves, wooden floors, yellow labs, yellow ochre, yoga