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i has a squirrel

i was sweeping the kitchen floor at an hour when i'm not usually home and i heard a chit-chit-chitting interspersed with squealing outside. i looked out and there was the visitor squirrel who has lately been pulling the heads off my sunflowers and sitting on the porch railing to eat them, leaving quite a mess behind. apparently the squirrel heard me sweeping and was upset that someone was in his noshing area at elevenses. i went out and reassured him that i was only sweeping and that he could go ahead and make his mess -- i mean, eat his snack. he didn't believe me. he was certain i would eat him if he gave me the opportunity. as a peace offering i tossed him a pizza crust. though it was tempting, he was not to be taken in by one tasty morsel. he continued to chide me. i went in and brought out pumpkin seeds. i tossed him a few. he found this interesting, though being a discerning squirrel and one intending to live a long life, he was still not convinced. so i sat down and ate a few, all the while extolling the virtues of pumpkin seeds -- the protein, fiber, magnesium content, the nutty warm flavor and healthy fat content. he watched me eat. finally, seeing that i had not keeled over dead from poisoning, nor having lunged to eat him, he tried one. he liked. he noted that he did not die from the effort. and so he grabbed for the prize -- he is a squirrel with a highly refined palate after all -- he went for the pizza crust. he ate and watched me and i watched him and i realized that the guy who drew the squirrel for "Ice Age" had a much better caricature of a squirrel than had been my first impression. their eyes really do bug out like that and they do have a little freaky, dope addict shiver as they munch on their tasty treats. hmm. what i learned on my day off.

in other forest creature news, the tufted titmice are again gleefully tossing seeds this way and that from the bird feeder and the blue jays are shaking the evergreens in the backyard. autumn has arrived.


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Sep. 19th, 2008 03:54 pm (UTC)
I want to has squirrel now!

It reminds me of this time I found a mouse in my apartment. It was so cute, and yet I kept telling myself "ITS A MOUSE, ITS NOT CUTE" but it was looking at me with cute mouse eyes so I let it be. It seemed to find its way out the same way it found its way in because I didn't see it again.
Sep. 23rd, 2008 02:49 am (UTC)
it's those cute round brown eyes that get ya every time, it is for me anyway. i've been helluva pissed off at this squirrel all summer for the unrelenting damage to my birdfeeder(s) and then there i was the other day -- all "oh how cute/must give food" -- like i said, every time.

incidentally, after the squirrel destroyed the first bird feeder, i went and picked up a "squirrel stumper" bird feeder -- supposedly squirrel-proof. Ha! my squirrel laughs at such a thing. the very next day he was hanging upside down on it, picking the sunflower seeds out and mooning me at the same time. dissed by fauna. harsh.
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